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Hand made unique wood carving

St George 1

St George Wood carving
St George Wood carving

St George Wood carving relief art made of Lime-Bass-Linden one wood different name .I have been used various sharp Wood carving chisels and knives together with sanding paper and other forms of the finishing process.In the end i have been used special oil for the wood protection.The sculpture ca be hanged on the wall. My name and date of finishing is on the back side.

Imagine waking up one morning with the compelling, unstoppable, overwhelmingly powerful urge to create something. But not just anything and not at random. So you go out and buy all you need for woodcarving. And you begin actually carving wood that turns into something you never thought you were capable of – a work of art.
This is what happened to Predrag Savic, an incredibly talented Serbian artist who creates extraordinary relief carvings and Eastern Christian Orthodox icons of exquisite beauty, taste and artistry. Savic’s sculptures in wood have a classical quintessential elegance. The fine, minutely detailed chisel work is so meticulous in every aspect that it is hard to believe it is actually carved and not painted, in fact they could almost be described as “wood paintings”.
Relief carving is the carving of figures in a flat panel of wood. The figures project only slightly from the background rather than standing freely. Depending on the degree of projection, reliefs may also be classified as high, medium, deep or pierced reliefs. The process of relief carving involves removing wood from the panel in such a way that an object appears to rise out of the wood. Savic uses the different types of depths to create layers in the wood, which when combined result in a natural colour scheme that increases the sense of perspective and highlights the beauty of the intrinsic characteristics of the wood itself. Predrag manages to give the surfaces of his works a marvellously textured heterogeneity, a palpable multi-sensory experience. Savic has clearly mastered the technique, and the elemental characteristics of this anisotropic material have no secrets to reveal to him.
Maya Angelou said: “It is this belief in a power larger than myself, and other than myself, which allows me to venture into the unknown and even the unknowable”, and Predrag Savic has definitely applied this belief to himself by embracing the unknown and glorifying that which is larger than us all through his talent and his faith.
Karen Lappon
International Confederation of Art Critics

Wood Carving The Summer time

Wood Carving old Dalmatian houses with deep relief carving technique . Hand made unique, made of Lime-Bass-Linden wood, it is one wood but different name. I have been used various sharp shapes and sizes chisels and knives together with sanding paper and other forms of finalisation. In the end i have been used special oil for the wood protection.The sculpture is huge and can be hanged on the wall. My name and date of completion is on the back side. There is possibility of selling.

wood carving
Wood carving made like in 3D style – good on pictures but check the movie to see all details…


wood carving

Nowadays, artists continue to work in this timeless medium. Some, like Damiano Taurino, carve and treat the wood so that it has a smooth, cloth-like appearance. Others celebrate its jagged form and incorporate it directly into their work. In Earl Martz’s sculpture of an owl, its face emerges from the distressed bark of a twisted branch. Although artists’ approaches vary, there remains one commonality in their works of wood art—they each transform the rigid form into something that’s beautifully unexpected.

There are four general styles for woodcarving  that im using with different styled, techniques and tools for each one. You must decide which you want to pursue so you can the correct techniques and tool that you will need.  Learning how to carve wood by hand involves various techniques and tools to turn the original raw piece into a finished.  This  involves traditional carving tools such as:  chisels, knifes along with sanding, painting, or other methods to finished your project.   A wood carver will be able to adapt a number of basic wood carving techniques and skills to finish a project from beginning to end.

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