wood carving

Hand made unique wood carving


I was inspired to make an Eagle because of the current situation with Coronavirus.

Eagles are mentally and physically strong and have complete freedom without restriction to travel whereever they want, while humans cannot at the moment.

Spring is coming

3D handmade unique wood carving art. Different shaped hand tools used eg chisels, knives and sand paper. Special Danish deeply stained oil was used for long lasting protection. Finalised with white acrylic paint for a snow-like effect.

Unique wood carving St George

Unique wood carving St George Christian Orthodox Icon

Unique wood carving of St George Christian Orthodox Icon made of Lime-Bass-Linden one wood but different name. I have been used sharp wood carving chisels and knifes together with sanding paper and other forms of finalisation. In the end i have been used special oil for the wood protection. The sculpture can be hanged on the wall. My name and date of completion is on the back side.

There is possibility of selling at Etsy